Hi, thanks for visiting my page, and I hope you like what you have seen.  

I love photography.  All types of photography, a lot of people say it is important to find a niche and stick with it.  I just can't do that.  Mastering new techniques, and trying new things is too much fun, even after 20 years.  I have done a lot in photography, from school portraits and weddings, to sports and news events, and each has given me experiences to set me apart from other photographers.  

My favorite part of photography is telling a story and capturing moments that are unforgettable.  That is what I feel is the real goal of photography.  Telling your story, whether it is your wedding day or an event.  I want to tell your story in a creative and unique way.

I am available worldwide.  Thanks again for stopping by, I look forward to hearing and working with you soon.  


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